The Devil Train Podcast (Ep. 2) Media Day Interviews and Analysis

July 31, 2019

Breakdown (74 minutes):

Last week, Ralph Amsden traveled to Hollywood, California to attend Pac-12 Media Day, and while there interviewed both running back Eno Benjamin (9:25-23:10) and offensive lineman Cohl Cabral (23:58-32:21). This week, Arizona State held their own media day, where Ralph Amsden was able to be in attendance for Head Coach Herm Edwards' comments to the media, as well as asked questions of defensive coordinator Danny Gonzales and offensive coordinator Rob Likens (33:20-51:39). Ralph was also able to get interviews with wide receiver Kyle Williams (53:06-1:00:27), and defensive back Chase Lucas (1:01:58-1:07:05). To close, Ralph gives his thoughts on the Sun Devils quarterback battle, and explains why he advises the team to exercise patience (1:08:05-1:13:00).